Custom Software Development for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities have been powered by our custom applications:

  • Medical appointment application
  • Purchase order tracking system for a hospital chain
  • Laboratory management platform
  • Quality management system for medical images
  • Centralized invoicing system
  • Corporate medical portal for employees 
  • Mobile app on nutrition 
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) solution

Leveraging better management 

Healthcare providers rely on strong data analysis tools to increase their financial efficiency and care quality. Thanks to business intelligence (BI) services, medical leaders and practitioners glean meaningful insights from structured information such as:

  • Financial KPIs and metrics
  • Integrated EHR/EMR data
  • Emergency and pharmacy analytics
  • Employee performance
  • Treatment patterns 

ScienceSoft provides specific data analysis services to help healthcare providers make efficient and timely decisions and better understand activities in their organizations:

  • Data warehouses (DWH) and analytical cubes (OLAP)
  • Reports and custom visualizations 
  • Advanced analytics and predicting